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Published on December 4, 2006 at 8:54 pm  Comments (33)  

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  1. We were looking forward to the event scheduled for today and are disappointed we can not make the reschedule date. Any chance your local access channel will be recording it for later streaming on their site?

  2. Hi my name is Netanel Crispe. I am 15 years old and an active member of the Danby Vermont Historical Society. One of the things I do for my Historical Society is I try to find any historically significant documents relating to my town on Ebay and other sites. During my browsing I came across a Brookfield Vermont Promissory note from 1793. This note is on Ebay for around $23 I will put the link for the note below. I hope this is of help to your museum. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Netanel! We will look into the item on eBay. Thanks again, Greg

  3. Hello: I have a mid 19th century ladder back chair in curly maple that is stamped “N.Howe”.Found it in Vermont. I know that there was a Howe family in Brookfield that made chairs, however, I cannot find an “N. Howe” in the genealogy of Brookfield. I’d appreciate any help you can offer. Regards. Ken Arthur.

  4. I have a bunch of Brookfield postcards showing scenes including Green trails dining hall, floating bridge, Coult pond, etc. They are black and white “realphoto” type cards. I will be happy to send them to you if you want them. Please let me know–
    Judy Warner, Assistant, Harvard Historical Society, Harvard, MA. Email is

  5. Hi,
    I am looking for information about Addie Smith born in the mid 1800 s to John D Smith who was also born in this area. Do you know of any information?

  6. Hello,
    We went to the Marvin Newton House today but it was closed. It says it’s open 2-4 on Sundays. Do you have to make an appointment to go in to see the house??
    Heidi Millett

    • Good Afternoon Heidi,
      I am sorry you found the Marvin Newton House unattended when you visited. The house is open this afternoon until 4:00 pm. For the Society,
      Gary Lord

  7. To the Officers and Trustees, Greetings,

    Regarding your floating bridge, would you have any early drawings or other graphics of it, and if so, would it be possible to obtain copies?

    I cannot provide firm documentation, but circumstantial evidence suggests that there could well be a connection between your floating bridge and the Middlesex Canal’s floating towpath, that once carried – first tow people and then tow animals – across the the Concord River in North Billerica, Mass.

    A notable feature of this early canal, the first floating towpath was constructed shortly before 1803, the year that the canal was completed. Initially small in size and carrying capacity, it allowed raftsmen and boatmen to tow their craft across a slack water pool in the river while their tow animals were led across a nearby ford or the adjacent dam to the other side. Enlarged in about 1809, the floating towpath thereafter enabled the animals to tow their craft directly across, without pausing.

    The evidence of a potential connection – your floating bridge is said to have been constructed by Luther Adams who, I understand, migrate to Brookfiled VT from Chelmsford MA. Adams is an old family name in Chelmsford, as evidenced by Adams Library, the town’s main library. Chelmsford shares a border with North Billerica, site of the floating towpath, and part of the canal passed through Chelmsford as well; in fact, Middlesex Village in Chelmsford was the northern terminus of the canal. Mr. Adams built your bridge only about ten years after the floating towpath was enlarged; might he, perhaps, have even worked on the enlargement project?

    The evidence seems sufficiently compelling that it should be worth at least comparing notes. Also, if there is a connection, and if you do have some sort of drawings or other graphics, these might be useful to the Middlesex Canal Association, to better define just how our floating towpath was constructed.

    Your thoughts?

    Bill Gerber
    MCA, Mbr BoD

  8. Hello, I am searching for information regarding the population number of brookfield around 1827-1828 for a historical article I am writing. I am not sure if you guys are in possesion of a census for those years, but If so I am wondering if it is broken down by man/woman/children. I would really love to hear from you. Feel free to reply here, or e-mail me at
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Great site by the way, it is very well maintained, and has some interesting posts! one of the better historical society pages in vermont. Keep up the good work!

    • The U.S. Census numbers for 1820 was 1,507 and for 1830 the number was 1,677. U.S. Census numbers from Brookfield, Vermont, are given the July 2007 newsletter.

  9. Hello, we are researching my husband’s Lyman family line and have found that his ancestors settled in Brookfield after leaving NH. We live in western VT and would like to take a day trip to visit Brookfield sometime later in July. What are the days/hours that the historical society is open? Thank you.

  10. Hello, we are researching my wife’s family. We have gotten back to the 1810 federal census and found a direct relative in Brookfield Vt. we are trying to find any information on John Sims / Simms. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You. Lynn Abbott

  11. Greetings. I am researching my family. My quest has led me to your beautiful little town. My great grandfather, George Lyman Richardson was born in Brookfield in 1856. His parents and their relatives had lived there for a few generations. My great great grandfather was Martin P. Richardson. I was wondering if there is any history about them. I noticed that they are not in the book. Thank you. Brad Richardson

  12. Hello – My mother wants to donate a family photo to the BHS. The photo is featured on page 191 of “The History of Brookfield” 2010 ed. The family history is of my mom’s side and the piece was written by my cousin Mark Jenkinson. I will be in Vermont for 3 more weeks. Could you please contact me so that we can make this happen. Thank you – Tom Steele

  13. What are your hours for tomorrow July 25th and Friday July 26th?

    • In July the Society is open on Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. We do not have other regular hours. Is there something in particular we can help you with?

  14. Hello! I am looking for any information you could give me about my ancestors who lived in Brookfield. Clifford Lewis and his family lived there from 1900 until about 1930 and James Swane and his family lived there between 1910 and 1930. Clifford’s son and James’s daughter married and were my great great grandparents. I know James, his wife Effie, and their daughters Lena Pearl Swane-Lewis and Mayfred are buried in Brookfield but I’m not sure of which cemetery. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

  15. Hi

    Recently came across a 1919 American Impressionist painting of a Dr Ellis , of Brookfield , Vermont. I bought it at an antique fair in Scotland , and when I googled the name came across your website which has a lot of info on Dr Ellis.

    I have the painting for sale on ebay but am unsure as to the artist, maybe some of your followers can help. May also be of interest to your readers.

    It can be seen at ebay 380388973917


    David R Howard

  16. Dear Elinor – Myself and other members of David Whitney’s family are hoping to attend the October 16 event in Brookfield, including my brother Dr. David Whitney. David Whitney was our great grandfather and we are most eager to see where he spent his early days. Please let us know of a nice Bed and Breakfast or motel in your area or around Turnbridge as we would like to tour the old Whitney farms. Any info would be much appreciated – Thanks, Terri Whitney Jackson PS We now all live in Iowa, where he farmed after leaving Vermont

  17. I am looking for information on a person “resting” at Brookfield Center Cemetery. Is there a contact for the cemetery or a resource to which you could refer me?

    Many thanks for your assistance,


  18. I have Parker relatives who sometimes lived in Brookfield. Benjamin Staples, father of Mary Staples Parker, is mentioned as elected as a freeman in the first Brookfield Historical Book. Mary Staples married James Parker and had 4 children: Ellen, James Munroe Jr, George (our family line) and Mary B. By the 1850 census, Mary seems to have been born in 1847. However, a death record that I have indicates she died in 1841 at 8 yrs, 3 mos.
    While visiting the Town Clerk, I got a photocopy of something called Index To Family Records, book dist No Page 14. The Town Clerk did not know what this document was about.
    All information on the Staples and Parkers would be appreciated. How may I obtain this?
    Karen Burzdak (member of the society)

    • Karen”. I too am researching Parkers in Brokfield. If you are still interested, please contact me. Jenni Glysson

  19. Please call for interview on exhibit for Memorial Day and about the town soldiers . Wlad News either Debbie or Jillian 203 792 9523.

    • You may have us confused with another Brookfield Historical Society. We are in Vermont. Are you trying to contact the one in Connecticut? Their URL is

  20. David Pennington, co author of ” Spinning wheels & Accessories” informs me you
    have a flax wheel with initials BK incised on it. I am interested in learning anything
    about this wheel maker. Is there any information on the family the wheel came
    from?/My “BK” wheel is handed down from early Tunbridge family of Daniel Hackett. The last flax spinner & weaver was my g.g.grandmother Hannah
    Richardson Hackett Tenny. 1815-1864. I’ve given samples of her fine tablecloth weaving to the Vermont State Museum.
    Pennington says they know of BK wheels from Springfield and Holliston, MA.

  21. Family Histories – S through T

    I cannot open the above-mentioned file. The file is apparently damaged.

    • Thanks for letting us know. The file should work now. Greg

  22. Hi
    I just came across a few pictures of the floating bridge dated august 27th 1936. They are very small. They are only 3 by 2 inches. If you would like them I will send them to you,no charge. I live in Pa and did find the pictures at a local estate sale.
    Barbara Denis

  23. Hello, we are in receipt of your invoice for 2009 Annual Membership fee of $15.00. We need to be able to send you a Vendor Form asap to be filled out and returned to us. We’ll be happy to mail it, however, if you have an e-mail address we could send the form as an attachment to expedite the matter. Without this form on file we will not be able to process a payment to you. Please respond and let us know if e-mailing is a possibility.
    Many thanks,

  24. Hi,

    I just read the latest Brookfield Historical Society News and appreciated Beth DeForge’s article on Education – A General History. I could envision my grandmother, Marcia Peck and her sisters, attending one of the one room schools in the 1880’s. I don’t have a birthday, but she had her first child in 1899, so I don’t know if she was young enough to have been in one of the first HS classes at the Pond Village School.

    Peter Griswold

    • We are currently updating and revising the original Brookfield History Book that was published in 1987. I have been working with the family histories and of course the Peck and Griswold names are many. I would like to get in contact with you.
      Elinor Gray
      Historian of Brookfield Historical Society

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