Pond Village Summer Memories From the 1930s and 1940s by Ruth Goodale

In 2012 Ruth wrote:

I’ve been spending summers in Brookfield for the past 79 years, and would like to share some memories with you.

A soon as school was out in Connecticut, we (my parents, brothers and sisters) would pack our ’38 Chevy and box trailer and head for Brookfield. Coming up the hill from East Brookfield, we had to stop halfway at a spring to let the radiator cool off and add water. We lived at my grandparents’ former farm at the north end of the village.

I learned to swim in the old swimming hole south of the dam. There were many rocks there and we knew where all of them were. The biggest we called the drop-off because it was a steep ledge far out. Until we learned to swim, we were cautious about going out near that.

It was a great day when we were good enough to swim to the raft attached to the middle of the bridge. Jessie Fiske put it there for her guests at Green Trails. There we learned to dive. We even took baths and washed our hair there because our house only had a two-holer—no bathroom!

Floating Bridge by Ruth Goodale
(From left to right, Ruth Hansen Goodale, Lois Perry, and Lois Hansen. Click on the image for a larger view.)

On cold August days, we wore our camel’s hair winter coats over our bathing suits—the water was warmer than the air!

For the complete article, see the August 9, 2012, issue of The Herald of Randolph or read online.

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“Ola — stubborn, rugged, self-sufficient, independent, isolated; frugal, generous; suspicious, honest; toiling, able, wise; whole-soled and high-spirited septuagenarian — Ola is Vermont.”  Written by R. W. Gerard (Ralph Waldo Gerard, 1900-1974), father of James “Jim” W. Gerard (1935-2013).  A poignant historical narrative of Ola Dwinell, Brookfield, and Vermont.

Read a PDF version of OLA online

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Diary of Lorenzo D. Cilley, 1879-1880

Lorenzo D. Cilley was born on February 20, 1854, at Topsham, Orange, Vermont and died April 3, 1892. He learned the blacksmith’s trade and in 1879 opened a shop in East Brookfield and later worked on setting up. (Source: The Cilley Pages.)

Susan Modelski Horst kindly provide the follow images for use by the Brookfield Historical Society.

Cilley diary title page PDF

Cilley diary 4-7 March 1879 PDF

Cilley diary 3-4 January 1880 PDF

Cilley diary blacksmith art PDF

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Brookfield Village Historic District

To view the complete National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Form of the Brookfield Village Historic District submitted in 1973 click on the following PDF:

National Register form for Brookfield

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Brookfield History Book Online

The History of Brookfield, Vermont (Brookfield, Vt.: The Society, 1987) in now available online in PDF format.

Click on the following descriptions to access the pages described.

Cover & Title Page


About the Author

Table of Contents

Maps & Population Table

Chapter 1 – Geography

Chapter 2 – Proprietary History

Chapter 3 – Proprietary History continued

Chapter 4 – Incidents to 1785

Chapter 5 – Organization of Town and History to 1790

Chapter 6 – General History from 1790 to 1810

Chapter 7 – Religious History

Chapter 8 – Library, Schools, Occupations, Health, Census

Chapter 9 – Biographical Sketches

Appendix – Town Clerks & Representatives

More Brookfield History (MBH) section title page

MBH Chapter 1 – Old Roads

MBH Chapter 2 – Brookfield Homes

MBH Chapter 3 – Education

MBH Chapter 4 – Post Office History

MBH Chapter 5 – Telephones

MBH Chapter 6 – Brookfield Public Library

MBH Chapter 7 – Floating Bridge

MBH Chapter 8 – Industries and Businesses

MBH Chapter 9 – Farming in Brookfield

MBH Chapter 10 – Entertainment

MBH Chapter 11 – Churches of Brookfield

MBH Chapter 12 – Cemeteries

MBH Chapter 13 – Masonry in Brookfield

MBH Chapter 14 – Grange

MBH Chapter 15 – Allis State Park

MBH Chapter 16 – Neighborhood Memories

MBH Chapter 17 – Summer People

MBH Chapter 18 – Anecdotes

MBH Chapter 19 – Poems and Ballads

Family Histories – Introduction

Family Histories – A through B

Family Histories – C through E

Family Histories – F through H

Family Histories – I through R

Family Histories – S through T

Family Histories – U through Z

Friends & Contributors

Index to pages 1-188 (Not including Family Histories)

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Urial Clark’s Civil War Diaries

The Civil War diaries of Urial Abbot Clark, Jr. transcribed by Michael and Prudi Dempsey are now available online. They cover the years 1863 and 1865 while Urial Clark served in Company G of the 10th Vermont Infantry Regiment.

To access the diaries click on the following PDF file:
Urial Clark Diaries

For more information on the Tenth Regiment visit the Vermont in the Civil War Web site at
10th Vermont Infantry Regimental History.

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