The Old Country Fiddler

Flyer - Old Country Fiddler

Click on the image for a larger view.  PDF version of flyer.

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New Exhibit at the Marvin Newton House

Water for Industry display

Ice Harvesting display

Folk Shop display

Buxton Boot Dryer display

Buxton Boot Dryer 2nd display

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2016 Marvin Newton House Open Sunday Afternoons

The Brookfield Historical Society’s museum, the Marvin Newton House, is open in July and August from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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Vermont History Expo 2016

Come see the Brookfield Historical Society’s exhibit on the Brookfield Floating Bridge at the Vermont History Expo on Saturday, June 18 and Sunday 19, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on the Tunbridge World’s Fairgrounds. For more information on the Vermont History Expo visit the website at

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Save the Snow Roller!

Flyer - Save the Snow Roller

Click on the image for a larger view.  PDF version of flyer.

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2016 Ice Out!

The official ice out time and date is March 31 at 4:02 pm.

Thank you all for participating in the annual raffle.

Dunkin has been rescued and will be back next year.

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Dunkin Lives!

Poster 2013 vertical

Dunkin has been positioned on the Sunset Lake ice this past Sunday. He is ready to record when the ice “goes out,” which determines the winner of the Brookfield Ice-Out Raffle. Buy your tickets ASAP to guess the date and time the ice goes out. $2 per guess or 3 for $5. See any member of the Brookfield Historical Society board for a ticket.  Tickets also available online in a PDF file format: 2016 Single Ice-Out Tickets or 2016 3-Way Ice-Out Tickets.

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Screening and Potluck: “DamNation”

Mark the Date: March 20 in Brookfield- Screening and Potluck: “DamNation”

There are over 80,000 dams, 3 feet or higher in the US according to the US Army Corps of Engineers. And many “deadbeat” dams, no longer serving any utility or purpose, need to be removed as an effective way to restore entire watershed ecosystems, revive wild and sustainable fisheries and associated jobs, protect coastal beaches and wetlands, and improve water quality. “DamNation” is an award winning, riveting film that sheds light on America’s dams and their impact on river health.

Here in Vermont our dams may not be considered big but they are plentiful–there are over 1,000 dams on Vermont’s waterways. An estimated 200 of these are considered “deadbeat” dams. The Brookfield Historical Society has a strong interest in also understanding the history of the use of dams by industries in our town and county and is sponsoring this event as part of our preparation for this summer’s Vermont History Expo in Tunbridge themed about water in our state. The Nature Conservancy and its partners are working to remove “deadbeat” dams from Vermont’s waterways and NC representatives will be on hand for after-screening discussion. The screening, followed by discussion, will start at 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 20th, with a Brookfield Historical Society hosted potluck at 5:00 PM. All are invited to this free BHS event at the Pond Village Church, 49 Ridge Road in Brookfield, Vermont.

2016 Ice-Out Poster

For more information about DamNation, visit the film’s website at .

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13th Annual Ice-Out Contest

2016 Ice-Out Poster

2016 Single Ice-Out Tickets in PDF file format.

2016 3-Way Ice-Out Tickets in PDF file format.

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2015 Annual Meeting

Date: Sunday, October 25th

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Place: Pond Village Church, Brookfield, Vermont

What:  The British Ballad Tradition in New England by Burt Porter. A potluck supper will follow the program and annual meeting.

The traditional British ballads as sung in New England are a rich part of the literary and musical heritage of our region, and yet they are little known today. Although these ancient songs present their often tragic narratives with a great poetic artistry, the texts are inexorably wedded to their melodies and must be heard as music to be fully appreciated. As Robert Frost observed, “The voice and ear are left at a loss what to do with a ballad until supplied with the tune it was written to go with. That might be the definition of a true poem … Unsung, it stays half-lacking.” Burt Porter, a singer and scholar of ballads, presents a program of New England ballads, focusing on Vermont versions with commentary on the history and art of balladry. He accompanies the singing with fiddle and mandolin.

Presentation sponsored by the Vermont Humanities Council (VHC) Speakers Bureau and the Brookfield Historical Society.

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