Trustees & Volunteers

Board of Trustees for 2018-2019


Gary Lord, President

Vacant, Vice President

Pat Mayer, Secretary

Greg Wight, Treasurer

Rachel Andreyev, Curator


Barbara Daly

Bonnie Fallon

Elinor Gray, Historian/Genealogist

Sarah Isham

Perry Kacik, Membership Committee Chair

Elaine Manghi Buck, Events Committee Chair

Greg Sauer, Blog Editor

Other Volunteer Appointed Positions

Betty Lord, News Editor

Published on December 4, 2006 at 8:22 pm  Comments (4)  

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  1. Hello –

    I am looking for information on the Knowles families in Brookfield. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you –

  2. I am looking for Elaine “Fuzz” Cooke. She and I were in the Navy together, stationed in Bethesda during her OR Tech training. She was married and became Elaine Jennings, had a daughter Meagan and divorced. Remarried but I don’t remember her second married name. She would be 55. I last saw her in 1987 there in Brookfield, VT.

  3. Hi

    Recently came across a 1919 American Impressionist painting of a Dr Ellis , of Brookfield , Vermont. I bought it at an antique fair in Scotland , and when I googled the name came across your website which has a lot of info on Dr Ellis.

    I have the painting for sale on ebay but am unsure as to the artist, maybe some of your followers can help. May also be of interest to your readers.

    It can be seen at ebay 380388973917


    David R Howard

  4. For Mr Lord or Ms Gray – Looking for information on Philip Ingram family, I believe found in the current Brookfield History on pages 23-30. Two of his sons ended up in Texas. How might I obtain copies of the relevant pages in that book? Thank you. Paul

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